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Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset Using Disability Insurance

It would be hard these days to find anyone that owns a car, home, or business, that doesn’t have insurance on it. After all, these assets are extremely valuable, and the owner would be at a substantial financial loss if something were to happen to them. Surprisingly though, a large ...
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Guaranteeing Your Retirement Income: The Right Way to Plan

If you’re like most investors, you’ve watched the markets take a pretty bad turn since the beginning of the year. If your investment timeline is long enough, it may not concern you. If retirement is just around the corner, you may be concerned as to if your retirement savings will ...
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Concerned About Market Volatility?

Volatility in the markets is inevitable, and that has been abundantly clear the past few weeks. The most fundamental and critical rule to investing smart, however is to ‘ride out the tough times’ as one might say, which is the most difficult thing to do in times of instability. As ...
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When “Buy and Hold” Investing Strategies Aren’t Enough

It’s been a pretty volatile start to 2016 across all eight of the major world indices, with China’s Shanghai Composite down close to 48% since its 2015 highs, leading the international MSCI Index into bear market territory. As the world tries to digest the longer term effects of easy monetary ...
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Reviewing Your Estate Plans

If the W2’s and 1099’s haven’t been enough of a warning, then let this provide notice that taxes will be due soon! There were a number of small changes that you’ll want to be aware of as you prepare to meet with your accountant, but as long as you’re taking ...
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Creating Your Legacy

As the holiday season approaches, we take time to stop and think about things that we value most, including family, friends, and serving those in our community. The ideas of giving and supporting those in need are on many people’s minds, as well as the legacy that we will leave ...
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Last Minute Year-End Tax Savings Strategies

2015 is quickly coming to a close, and while many are busy preparing for the holidays and spending some relaxing time with family, it is important to take some time and ensure that you’ve optimized your taxes for the year. While everyone knows about making charitable contributions before year-end, there ...
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Medical Economics: Best Financial Advisers for Doctors

Congratulations to Michael Jankowski, President and CEO of Wealth Planning Network, and Larry Gatz, Vice President of Wealth Planning Network, for being recognized by Medical Economics as a select few of the nations Best Financial Advisers for Doctors for the fifth year in a row. Their dedication to their work ...
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Major Changes Coming for Social Security

Earlier this month on November 2nd, Congress quietly passed sweeping Social Security reform in the 2015 Budget Act. The changes will affect how married couples collect Social Security from this day on, and may send many pre-retirees scrambling. We’ll discuss the major changes below, and the timelines on how to ...
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