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Considering a Spousal Limited Access Trust?

Saving and preserving wealth for younger family members is an important aspect of estate planning. Developing a strategy that removes assets from your individual estate while still providing some access in the event that your spouse would ever need it is a common desire.  A Spousal Limited Access Trust (SLAT) ...
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What is Premium Financing and How Can it Benefit You?

What is Premium Financing? Premium Financing seems to be the “best kept secret” in the financial industry recently, and unless your financial professional keeps up to date on the best techniques, he may be just as uninformed as anybody. Simply put, Premium Financing is having ones Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust ...
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Wealth Planning Network Honored at India Tribune Nite

India Tribune Award Recipients and honorees: (L-R) Dr. Vijay Dave, Larry Gatz, Michael Jankowski, US Congressman Danny Davis, Mrs. Willie Wilson, Neal Patel, Consul General Dr. Ausaf Sayeed, Raj Patel, Dr. Bharat Barai, Nick Oza, Dr. Vijay Prabhakar, and Publisher Prashant Shah. Photo Credit: Biju Zacharia Congratulations to the India ...
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The Problem With Probate

At our death, everything we own can go to only three places: family and friends; charities; and the government.  If we do not decide how our possessions will be distributed, the government will.  And there is not one example where the government distributed the accumulated assets as the deceased person ...
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The Real Story Behind 770 Accounts

What is a 770 Account? It seems like 770 accounts are some of the latest buzz around the financial world. We’ve had several people asking about them recently, and questioning why they’ve never heard of them. The truth is, there is no such thing as a 770 account, and it ...
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President’s Proposed 2016 Budget Could Substantially Affect Estate Planning

President Obama recently introduced his $4 trillion dollar fiscal year 2016 budget proposal, which adds $6 trillion to the national debt, and includes $1.44 trillion in new taxes. Almost all of these tax proposals are targeted at wealthy households, and could substantially change income and estate tax planning.   For ...
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Who Needs Estate Planning?

Estate Planning is critical, and it isn't just for the rich. A good estate plan is designed to allow you to transfer your assets to beneficiaries in accordance with your desires, and with minimum tax liability.   First and foremost, everyone has an estate, no matter how big or small ...
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Have You Completed Your Annual Financial Checkup?

It’s the end of the first quarter, which means that the looming tax deadline is fast approaching. Hopefully, you’re almost done reviewing your statements and are finishing up things with your accountant to find out what your tax liability will be. In addition, you now also have a pretty good ...
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Important Tax Law Changes for 2015

Although there weren't any major tax law changes for 2015, there are some new guidelines with regards to tax-advantaged saving that are good to know. If you’re looking to make any major changes, it is now more important than ever to engage the proper financial planning teams to ensure that ...
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