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SoR paper


How do Americans view retirement planning, and how do those perceptions differ from reality?

The 2024 State of Retirement White Paper breaks it down with statistics related to:

  • The amount most Americans think they'll need to save to retire securely vs. the amount most Americans have saved
  • The percentage of Americans who believe their retirement savings will last them for their lifetime
  • Steps Americans are taking to help stretch their retirement savings
  • The biggest fears and concerns about retirement
  • Top reasons for entering retirement
  • And much more


The Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) is an old concept, with the first CGA programs taking hold in the 1920’s.

Since then, the CGA has been a useful planning technique utilized by charitably inclined individuals that have a current income need. However, there has been quite a bit more ‘buzz’ about CGAs in the past few months, thanks to a provision in the SECURE Act 2.0 that allows a one-time Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) to be used to fund a split-interest entity such as a CGA. Of course, there are details, nuances, and caveats with this new opportunity. This AE Advanced Markets whitepaper addresses:

  • What is a Charitable Gift Annuity?
  • SECURE Act 2.0 – QCD to split-interest entity provisions
  • Planning Considerations

Today’s retirement is different.

It’s not the final chapter in the book of life but rather the beginning ... a second act.

My Wealth Plan 360

We believe that all areas of your financial plan should work together in a closely coordinated manner that focuses on achieving your specific goals. That’s why we provide our clients with access to MyWealthPlan360, an online portal that allows clients to see all of their accounts in one place, track budgets and set alerts, and it provides them with secure online storage space.

It also comes with an app, allowing you to easily view your accounts from any device.

Providing physicians with specialized plans to protect their assets and maximize their estates.

Our goal is to help you manage your wealth across family generations.