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Life Insurance Retirement Plans: Are They A Good Choice For You?

Retirement — it’s that glorious time in your life where the only worry you should have is why your grandchildren haven’t called yet this week. Though it is a life-changing occasion and naturally stressful, it should be an easy transition from work life to retirement life, as you have been ...
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Reviewing Your Financial And Estate Planning Checklist

WPN is proud to announce that Michael has been invited to join Forbes Finance Council. He has recently published his article "Reviewing Your Financial and Estate Planning Checklist". We hope you find it of value, and as always, if you have questions or comments, give our office a call. Check it ...
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Paying for College is a Family Affair

Throughout life, there will be many important monumental events that will ultimately cost a great deal, whether that is buying your first home, or maybe even your child’s wedding. However, the two biggest life events that require extensive planning will be your retirement, and your children’s education if you so ...
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How Trust-Owned Life Insurance Can Be Used Effectively In Your Estate Plan

What if I told you, with complete certainty, that you will die one day. Would you believe me? Of course, you would. But, is it something you want to talk about? Of course not! As uncomfortable as it is to think about, death is inevitable, and planning for it is ...
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The Art of Managing Retirement Assumptions

As we grow older, the dream of retirement gets closer and closer, but for most, this can be a very stressful time. Before retirement, the last few months at work is a time to prepare. Although it is impossible to have a definitive picture of your retirement, you can put ...
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An Overview of Asset Transfer Strategies

As you grow older, you have most likely accumulated not only wealth, but properties, and other assets that are included in your estate. However, having all your assets in your estate is not always ideal, and there are many reasons to transfer or gift assets, either initiated by a life ...
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Cracking the Nest Egg: When Accumulation Becomes Distribution

Throughout your working life, I am sure that you have been saving as much possible into IRA’s, 401(k)’s, and investment accounts to save for retirement. During the accumulation phase, you save, and hopefully maximize total returns on all accounts. Your ultimate goal would be to have a large enough “nest ...
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The Importance of Asset Location in Retirement

There is a reason why you hear advisors stress diversifying your portfolio strategically depending on your situation, and I am not only referring to asset allocation, that is to say, dividing an investment portfolio among different asset categories, i.e. stocks, bonds, and cash.  I am talking about asset location. Asset ...
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Tax Cuts & Jobs Act – How Can I Prepare?

By now, the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act is news that we are all aware of. New legislation and statutes put in place should be an indication for everyone to review their current estate plan and assess by asking yourself simple, yet critical questions. “When was the last time I ...
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