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The Importance of Asset Location in Retirement

There is a reason why you hear advisors stress diversifying your portfolio strategically depending on your situation, and I am not only referring to asset allocation, that is to say, dividing an investment portfolio among different asset categories, i.e. stocks, bonds, and cash.  I am talking about asset location. Asset ...
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Tax Cuts & Jobs Act – How Can I Prepare?

By now, the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act is news that we are all aware of. New legislation and statutes put in place should be an indication for everyone to review their current estate plan and assess by asking yourself simple, yet critical questions. “When was the last time I ...
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Estate Planning Documents: How important are they?

When you think of retirement, what questions cross your mind? “Do I have enough saved for retirement?” “Is my portfolio growing at a fast-enough rate?” Those are all critical questions to think about, however, many overlook other important aspects of retirement planning. Creating essential estate planning and legal documents is ...
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Planning for a 30-Year Retirement

There are many challenges facing boomer retirees, including longevity, inflation and market risk, taxes and unforeseen expenses, just to name a few. Everyone is susceptible to these risks, but there are ways to avoid some or all of these risks that may arise in retirement. As retirees are living longer, ...
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Turning a $14,000 Tax-Free Gift Into a $1,500,000 Gift

A headline sounding more like the used car salesman’s pitch we’ve all been cautious about. However, this is no joke or trick. By becoming informed and knowing current tax laws, you could be saving you and your heirs millions of dollars upon your and your spouse’s death by strategically planning ...
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529 Savings Plan

As your children and grandchildren are going back to school, it may be time to think about their educational future, and how you may be able to help them. Loans, financial aid, and scholarships are an option, but are they the best option? Are they guaranteed? Surely the answer is ...
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Trust Owned Life Insurance- How to Effectively Use Insurance For Estate Planning

Many high net-worth individuals often wonder what the best way is to create a seamless estate plan, and though there are many options, trust-owned life insurance (TOLI) has been proven to be very beneficial, as it enables the trust to provide for the beneficiaries by balancing inheritances among the heirs ...
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How to Prepare for Tax Reform in an Ever Changing Political Environment

Tax Reform can be uneasy, especially in this era. Many people are expecting President Trump to restructure taxes, and possibly change gift and estate tax rules. However, nothing is set in stone, which is creating anxiety for many citizens, especially those who are nearing retirement or are currently retired. The ...
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Avoid Gifting Large Premiums To Your Life Insurance Trust

Situation: Imagine having a thriving family business that you would like to leave to your heirs. Or, maybe you want to leave your children a substantial piece of land. In your estate planning, however, you discover that your estate will be subject to a $10 million tax bill. The only ...
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