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Income Tax Free Social Security Benefits; Too Good to be True?

It is no secret that The Social Security Fund is in severe financial trouble. In years past, Social Security funds have been held by the government due to the ever-increasing debt. By over promising benefits, the government has tried to “quick-fix” or remedy the situation by introducing even more taxation ...
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Business Succession Planning

Will your business survive after you leave?   Business owners often face many challenges as they look to sustain their businesses through various challenges.  The loss of a key person, or the retirement or unexpected death of an owner can place an incredible strain on the business, but having a ...
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What a Trump Presidency Means for Your Retirement

Donald Trump made many promises along the campaign trail. Now, as the soon-to-be President Trump, he will have to determine how to keep good on his promises to cut taxes, while at the same time preserving Social Security and Medicare benefits, and providing affordable healthcare to all. With all of ...
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Year End Financial Checklist

We see it all the time. People tend to wait until the last minute to address certain things in life, whether it be the smallest task of Christmas shopping or a very important, and not always easy, responsibility of planning their retirement and estate. With the end of the year ...
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Roth IRA for Minors: Getting the Most out of Their Summer Job!

A summer job is a great way for kids to take on some additional responsibilities, and begin learning about money. In addition to learning about hard work and the value of a dollar, they’ll also gain independence having their own income to spend and save as they best see fit. ...
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What are Charitable Remainder Trusts?

A simple strategy to minimize taxes and donate to your favorite charity Capital gains taxes are a dreaded side effect of having the assets you’ve invested grow substantially, and the options are fairly limited on how to avoid paying for them. The new federal capital gains tax is now 23.8% ...
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We’ve Moved!

Wealth Planning Network's new reception area! We're happy to announce that Wealth Planning Network has officially moved into our new location at One Parkview Plaza, Suite 117, in Oakbrook Terrace, IL! The new location provides us with the space and resources needed to grow into the future! With our own reception ...
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Have You Considered Buying Life Insurance?

For many families, it seems like life insurance is a secondary consideration in their own financial planning. Many realize that it is important to have, but many view it as something they’ll get if they have enough money left over in the budget. This thinking could turn out horribly in ...
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Selling the Family Business?

Retirement is a lifelong goal for all, but it is not uncommon for some to reach that goal later than anticipated, especially for business owners. Many business owners love their work so much, that they’ll never fully retire, while others may delay retirement out of circumstance. At some point in ...
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